London Condolences : Condolences cards are available at the Holy Trinity Church ( 11 rue de la Buffa, Nice) and at the Anglo-American Library (12b rue de France, Nice), from 9am to 7pm to be signed for the victims and injured of the London attack. The cards will be available for two weeks for signature and message in English or in French, then they will be sent to London. - Library

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The latest Riviera Reporter Daily! Thanks to @GayRiviera @VastGhost @awtodd #uniteforeurope #brexit
The latest Riviera Reporter Daily! #brexit #euweekinreview
Airlines don't know the rules about EU travel
French firms told they can ban staff from wearing Muslim headscarves at work
The latest Riviera Reporter Daily! Thanks to @TIMENewsFeed @andreaexpat @JimBouldenTV #brexit #eu
Nick Candy says he moved to Monaco ‘for tax reasons’
Feel more fun in French? Your personality can change depending on the language you speak
Brexit, airlines' worst fear, has become their preoccupation

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Expat Issues Orjan Pettersen

Today, the ultra-hard Tory Brexit will be in motion

It is better to be slapped with the truth than kissed with a lie. If you support a Tory agenda of privatisation of the NHS, reduction of consumer, employee and environmental protections and a tax haven for corporations but a bigger tax burden for ordinary tax payers, you can now rejoice. Congratulations. You are a winner. If you don’t, but you’re still a Leaver (or a Remainer) you are in for the biggest high risk national…
Expat Issues Mike Meade

Today is Article 50 day. What now for expat healthcare?

It’ll be a 2 year wait to know for sure what the consequences of the March 29 Article 50 letter will mean in reality for expats.Personally, I’m hopeful but not optimistic — especially for many British expats in limbo situations.Those of us who have worked in France for many years will be fine, but the fate of some other expats is up for grabs.No Briton will be expelled because of Brexit, although resident cards may become…

Secret language of cypress trees in Provence

Slender, conical cypress trees are everywhere in Provence: they line roads, outline fields, decorate cemeteries, and…

The Virgin project of Nice: the statue that never came to be

Did you know that the city of Nice almost had a 49 foot (15 metre) tall statue of the Virgin Mary standing atop the…

5 Jean Cocteau treasures on the Riviera

Culture and Arts Margo Lestz
Jean Cocteau was truly a multi-talented artist. He considered himself a poet but he was also a novelist, playwright,…

A step-by-step guide to becoming a freelancer

Despite the French government embracing digital technology to reduce the form-filling burden, paperwork is a way of life…

Wine: Thoughts on 2015 Bordeaux En Primeur

Table Talk Alex Ignatieff
Fantastic! Finally, a year in Bordeaux to really get excited about. This may not be the biggest news of the day as the…

Tracing the 1,000-mile odyssey of D.H. Lawrence’s phoenix headstone

History and Traditions Robert Bullock
Soon after D. H.Lawrence’s burial in Vence Cemetery on March 4th, 1930, his widow Frieda commissioned a simple headstone…

On y va! Hiking though the Alpes-Maritimes by train

Visiting the Riviera Portia Griffey
I have lived in Nice for the past few years, learning French as I go, as I didn’t speak a word when I arrived. Through…

Provence Diary: The life-saving course that made my head swim

Features Dan Briggs
So there I was in the village watching a Euro 2016 warm-up game. The bar had put a TV outside on the street. A woman…

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