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British Airways to axe free food and drink on short-haul flights | Buying Business Travel
5 terrorist plots foiled on French Riviera since Nice attack – prosecutor — RT News
Market report: Stelios charms traders into coughing up for easyHotel
RT @France24_en: Sarkozy comeback bid hits turbulence as scandals stack up
RT @BBCBusiness: Airlines see sharp rise in unruly passengers, says industry group
Aussie TV show accused of staging French burkini row
RT @PerfProvence: A visit to the Escoffier Museum of Culinary Art #culinaryart
RT @JamesMelville: Readers at risk of contracting xenophobia from British newspaper.

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Culture and Arts Molly Brown

Interview with Nick Danziger: From Monte Carlo into another world

The charm of life on the French Riviera has always attracted writers, artists and photographers, but world famous photo-journalist, Nick Danziger, chose to make Monaco his home for much more practical reasons. He needed a home for the three orphaned children he had rescued from wartime Afghanistan. In the 90s, Britain did not allow single men to adopt, but it was possible in Monaco. With the help of a Monaco children’s…
Table Talk Riviera Reporter

Hubert Boivin: Q&A with “Best of Cooking Nice”

RR: Hubert Boivin, tell us about your role as President of UPCR, the restaurant owner’s union of Nice and the surrounding area (“Syndicat des cafetiers et restaurateurs de Nice et ses environs”). HB: My role is to lead and represent the union in front of the various administrative bodies such as the Chamber of Commerce and Industry (CCI), the Union for Business (UPE), the Town Hall, Préfecture and Pôle Emploi. On top of…
Education and Learning Camille Chevalier-Karfis

How to say “ouch” in French (and ten other sounds)

Onomatopoeia is the written version of a sound – think ssh, ouch or bang. And like everything else, the rules are a little bit different in French. The French don’t make a kissing noise or say mwa – they say smack (or even smack smack) for the sound of a soft kiss in French. It’s even the common name for a peck on the lips. “Il m’a fait un smack” (He gave me a peck on the lips, a soft kiss) is a far cry from the English…

Discovering the other Piedmont: Nizza Monferrato and Barbera

Visiting the Riviera Chrissie McClatchie
With gentle slopes covered in vines, historic hilltop villages overflowing with charm, chic restaurants and cosy B&Bs,…

An insider’s guide to life west of Cannes

Visiting the Riviera Cheryl Robson
It was a coup de coeur as the French say – a simple fisherman’s cottage with a panoramic view of the bay of Toulon – and…

Interview with Joe Theismann on the Monaco-US Celebrity Amateur Ryder Cup

Sport PJ Heslin
Although I am firmly lodged into my middle years, there are moments when I still feel like a teenager. In preparation…

Posing as a naked model for artist Chris Savage

Culture and Arts Karen Hockney
Most of us know what we like when it comes to choosing a piece of art. But having a framed original work that is…

The French do love their wedding customs

History and Traditions Riviera Reporter
If you are lucky enough to have been invited to a wedding in France, or are planning to get married here, there are a…

A hidden cove to call your own on the Ile Ste-Marguerite

Visiting the Riviera Riviera Reporter
Passengers 104 maximum. That was the capacity of the boat, according to the slightly faded sign. We were certainly…

Uritrottoir takes on the “wild peeing” plague

Eye on France Riviera Reporter
Two French inventors think they’ve come up with an environmentally-friendly solution to the stink and mess of “wild…

Don’t sweat it in summer, stay hydrated

Health and Well-being Susan Tomassini
There’s something special about eating in the summertime. Maybe because fruits and vegetables are at their best or…

Reflections on Brexit: The rude awakening

Expat Issues Michael Carberry
Almost two months after the British decision to leave the EU, the UK and Europe are still reeling from the fallout. For…

Tax on savings and investments in France

Are you protecting your savings and investments from unnecessary taxation in France? You will have worked to build up…

Running High, Running Low, Running Long by Ben Rolfe

Reading Riviera Reporter
We first mentioned Monaco-based Ben Rolfe in the summer of 2014 (On a Rolfe. Fundraising for Diabetes), after his…

UKSA scholarship in honour of Bosun Will Black

Yachting and Boating Riviera Reporter
Six years ago during the Monaco Yacht Show, Bosun Will Black of the 183-foot (56m) Perini Navi S/Y Burrasca was involved…

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