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Eye on France Riviera Reporter

Uritrottoir takes on the “wild peeing” plague

Two French inventors think they’ve come up with an environmentally-friendly solution to the stink and mess of “wild peeing”. And people are listening. “People urinating on the streets of France is a serious problem,” says inventor Victor Massip. “And we knew there was a big demand for a solution, so we’ve come up with one.” Massip and his business partner Laurent Lebot came up with the “Uritrottoir” (a mix of the French…
Health and Well-being Susan Tomassini

Don’t sweat it in summer, stay hydrated

There’s something special about eating in the summertime. Maybe because fruits and vegetables are at their best or perhaps it’s that eating en plein air strengthens our connection to nature and exposes us to sunlight, both of which are scientifically proven to help us feel happier. As a nutritionist, I love the summer months, not only for the physical benefits of outdoor living, but also because I feel especially inspired…
Expat Issues Michael Carberry

Reflections on Brexit: The rude awakening

Almost two months after the British decision to leave the EU, the UK and Europe are still reeling from the fallout. For David Cameron, who thought by calling the referendum to pacify his right wingers and see off the challenge from UKIP, and for those who dreamed that a leave vote would usher in a golden age of independence and regained sovereignty, it has been a rude awakening. An unnecessary referendum David Cameron had…

Tax on savings and investments in France

Are you protecting your savings and investments from unnecessary taxation in France? You will have worked to build up…

Running High, Running Low, Running Long by Ben Rolfe

Reading Riviera Reporter
We first mentioned Monaco-based Ben Rolfe in the summer of 2014 (On a Rolfe. Fundraising for Diabetes), after his…

UKSA scholarship in honour of Bosun Will Black

Yachting and Boating Riviera Reporter
Six years ago during the Monaco Yacht Show, Bosun Will Black of the 183-foot (56m) Perini Navi S/Y Burrasca was involved…

Joining the Riviera Hash House Harriers

Community Melanie Gulliver
If, like me, you like to discover new places on the Côte d’Azur and meeting friendly multi-national (mostly…

A digitally distracted generation in the classroom

One of the employment opportunities available to expats with certain qualifications is teaching English. Before I left…

The mega wealthy who own megayachts

Yachting and Boating Michael Healy
For a display of real opulence, look no further than the ports of Monaco and Antibes. The rows of huge yachts, presented…

Wealth management spotlight: Rob Kay

Finance, Tax and Business Riviera Reporter
Blevins Franks are the leading international tax and wealth management advisers to British nationals living in Europe.…

Homes and Houses: Narnia-like Provençal bastide in Sillans-la-Cascade

Property and Pools Riviera Reporter
Just an hour from Sainte Maxime and the Côte d’Azur, in the heart of old Provence, sits the enchanting village of…

Provence Diary: The thigh’s the limit on French TV

Features Dan Briggs
My French teacher has advised me to watch as much French television as possible. My favourite shows are the current…

A lesson about how to write the number “one” on cheques

Bookkeeping, accounting and generally knowing your numbers are a fairly important part of working for yourself, be it in…

The fate of D.H. Lawrence’s ashes after his burial in Vence

History and Traditions Robert Bullock
During the afternoon of March 4th, 1930, a small group of people gathered in Vence Cemetery for the funeral of the…

A trio of rosé wines from Provence

Table Talk Alex Ignatieff
An early Easter and the season of pink was well and truly launched, perhaps with a big jumper or two nearby, but what a…