The Guides are here – can the Scouts be far behind

A while back Girl Guideswe got an enquiry about scouting. Baden-Powellism never really caught on here in a big way and until not long ago, even in the English-speaking world, the movement has been in decline: modern boys weren’t too keen on funny hats and shorts and fiddling with knots. There’s been quite a change recently: the uniform’s been modernised and the lads can be prepared for badges for – among other things – computer skills ... and public relations.

But here’s news: the Girl Guides are here. District Commissioner Kate Schutte tells us that groups are forming at all three levels – Rainbows, Brownies and Guides, covering ages from seven upwards. Kate is dependent on the UK organisation and would be pleased to hear from girls (or parents) interested. She’d also be happy to talk to anyone who might want to be involved with relaunching the Scouts here.

From Riviera Reporter Issue 130: Dec 2008/Jan 2009