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Quiz nights on the Riviera for a community

Mike Preston's Quiz Nights are becoming a Riviera Institution. Carolyn Armour tells us more...

Quiz NightSuch events can really help to bring people of the community together. Whether they be locally born youths or adults, expatriate families or singles, visitors from other Anglophone communities in France or elsewhere - all have something in common when we gather together which makes for a vibrant and enjoyable night out. 
Many quiz events held in this area over the past couple of years have been in Valbonne at Brittain's restaurant with quizmaster Mike Preston. Participants pay for a meal and a drink with an optional dessert and a few euros more goes into a pool fund for quiz prizes and to donate towards the charity of the evening. Mike likes people to nominate a charity which can be a personal favourite and local or international either beforehand or on the night.

Of course the representatives of such charities are only too delighted to receive for their worthy cause and one such local charity is Kenyan Kids run by Tourrettes-sur-Loup champion Julie Hellon Cupples. The last quiz was held specifically for that charity at La Pomme Rouge in Valbonne and was sold out almost 2 weeks before the event. We were delighted about for Julie and her beloved Kenyan Kids but it just shows how popular the quizzes have become and reminds us that it is essential to book.
Quiz NightThere will be other events soon starting with Brittain's again on the 9th March so ring to book your team of 4 or come along singly or in a pair and we'll slot you into a team. Just ring 04 93 12 03 97  to ensure your place because sometimes people have to be turned away and that's too sad. Children are welcome too and if we know in advance they are coming Mike will make sure there are appropriate questions for them too. John Brittain is offering a very warmingly priced hot curry, a drink and a dessert for only 15 euro, making the evening even better value than before.
Many charities have benefited in the past and to name just a few which come to mind: Vic Heaney's Big Walk for Research into Pancreatic Cancer (google Vic and you can see all about his amazing walk from Carcassonne area to Blackpool Tower for his cause), The School for Guide Dogs for the Blind in Biot and Research for Rheumatoid Arthritis involving a stroll up Mt Kilimanjaro by a sufferer. The next Quiz proceeds will be donated either to Parkinson’s or Alzheimer’s Research.

Contact Mike by email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  with your submission if you would like your Charity to be involved in the future but do note that our Charities must be officially registered in France or the UK
Quiz NightAs quizmaster Mike likes to be a bit provocative and typically quite politically incorrect and it's a lot of fun. All of you who know him won't be surprised at that. It's a wide mix of questions always with some unexpected twists in something of a QI style so don't expect to be asked much about who won the last FA Cup Final or which Big Brother celebrity nobody is set to become a WAG but rather more "testing", cultural and curious questions which means everyone is given a fairly even starting point and you always come away having learned something new and having supported a worthwhile Charity. What could be better to give satisfaction within our Community and a good night out. It’s amazing to hear the buzz at each table and to see how much everyone enjoys the night. Don't stay in for a curry - make sure you come out and join us instead to experience that same warm glow.

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