Interview with Nick Danziger: From Monte Carlo into another world

Nick Danziger

The charm of life on the French Riviera has always attracted writers, artists and photographers, but world famous photo-journalist, Nick Danziger, chose to make Monaco his home for much more practical reasons. He needed a home for the three orphaned children he had rescued from wartime Afghanistan. In the 90s, Britain did not allow single men to adopt, but it was possible in Monaco. With the help of a Monaco children’s charity, MAP (Monaco Aide et Présence), he was offered a home, schooling and health care for the new family. What a contrast in lifestyles it must have been for those children. Monaco must have seemed like Shangri La. The children have now grown up and left home, but Nick remains based in Monaco with his wife and three younger children.

Nick Danziger’s insatiable quest to document life at its most fragile compels him to travel to third world countries and the world’s trouble spots which bear no resemblance to Monaco at all. When his orphaned children first saw the sea in Monaco, one of them asked: “Who is pushing the waves?” When he recently showed his photographs of the world’s poorest children to a class of Monaco school children, he was asked where they plugged in their mobile phones! Nick uses his photography to bring the two worlds together … a bridge between cultures.

Inspired by such intrepid Victorian travellers as Freya Stark, Nick is an explorer at heart. He was the first foreigner to cross from Pakistan into the closed western province of China since the revolution in 1949. Author of many travel books (including the best-selling Danziger’s Travels), Nick photographs ordinary people struggling to survive in war torn, impoverished countries and his latest book will document “How we are failing the world’s poor”. Another Life is being funded by the British “crowdfunding” publishing site Unbound and all sponsors will have their names listed at the end of the book. The book currently has received nearly 300 pledges of support. If you would like to join them, visit Another Life at Unbound -

Nick has won many awards for his photography and writing, including the 2004 World Press Photo and first prize in the Single Portrait Award for his “mirror” image of Tony Blair and George W. Bush.

Would-be photographers please note, he is offering a 5-day writing and photography workshop in Monaco, together with award-winning author, Rory MacLean, (October 17-21, 2016). Amateur and professional photographers and writers are invited to apply; no experience is necessary. For further information, see: