Riviera International Singers, “In quires and places where they sing”

A couple of issues back we mentioned the Riviera International Singers which last December marked their 25th anniversary. Wolf Burg sent us some additional information which arrived too late to be used in our previous item about the choir (no: "quires" isn’t a misprint as those at the front of the class will know).

Riviera International Singers

“Beryl Arnould started the choir in 1996. Raising money for charity was the obvious goal. Soon the hall of Mougins School became our regular rehearsal room. In the early nineties things changed somewhat. We had the use of the Salle des fêtes in Valbonne and did a number of musical shows, including Brigadoon and The Merry Widow. That ended when we lost the Salle des fêtes and now our two high points are our summer and Christmas concerts. Beryl Arnould, by then retired, came back last December to conduct our 25th anniversary concert. I have to say that the choir has been a great success socially. Many long-term friendships have been founded ... and we’ve had four weddings.”