No change to changing the clocks, at least not yet

Summer TimeAs you read this, we’ll be preparing to put the clocks forward again. These days in France, apart from a handful of rather cranky folk, nobody seems to find this worth arguing about. In the UK, though, there are twice yearly moans from a chorus of those who claim that tinkering with the time upsets cows, kids and oldies. But this year (2013) the topic got more media coverage than usual as a group of MPs called for the country to be put permanently on European time (GMT +1). This would mean darker mornings and lighter evenings. David Cameron seemed to be all in favour as, polls indicate, are a large majority of the English, led by London’s mayor Boris Johnson who calls for “a leap into the light” which, he argues, would mean a big boost for tourism and service industries.

A prominent dissenting voice has been that of the Mail on Sunday which has come out against any move to what it calls “Berlin time” (printed in that sinister-looking Gothic font). But the major opposition has come from the Scots who fear the advent of darkness well after porridge-time. Its likely imposition by Westminster could well influence voting in the coming referendum. So don’t expect any move on the issue until that’s all over.