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French bishop admits Church has "neglected" victims of sexual abuse As bishops from around the world gather at the Vatican this week for a summit on tackling the wave of child sex abuse scandals within the Catholic Church, the head of the Bishops’ Conference of France (CEF) has lashed out against “unhealthy veneration” of the Church which can stop victims ...
French firm strikes Saudi weapons deal despite Yemen pressure Saudi Arabia's state arms producer and a French government-majority firm signed an agreement Sunday on a joint venture to boost the kingdom's navy, amid calls to halt weapons sales to Riyadh over it role in Yemen.
Former bodyguard to French president files legal complaint over recordings Former Presidential security aide, Alexandre Benalla has filed a legal complaint against ‘persons unknown’ over French news website Mediapart’s publication of secret audio recordings made last year between himself and a former policeman, at the same time the pair were under investigation into May Day protest violence.
WW2 bomb exploded by experts in Paris, evacuees return home Life can go back to normal now after the successful controlled detonation on Sunday of a WWII bomb that had been found north of Gare du Nord just outside Paris. The planned deactivation meant an evacuation of more than 1,800 residents from the surrounding area.
French philosopher subjected to anti-Semitic abuse during Yellow Vest protests Police intervened to protect philosopher and writer Alain Finkielkraut after he was targeted while leaving his home by a group of protestors during a demonstration in central Paris on Saturday.
Majority of French people surveyed want Yellow Vest protests to stop - poll A majority of French people (52 percent, +15) believes that the Yellow Vests "must now stop their movement and their actions (demonstrations, blockages etc.)," ​​according to an Ifop survey for the weekly Journal du Dimanche published Sunday.
Carnival celebrations in Nice poke fun at world leaders This year's Carnival festivities in the southern French city of Nice poked fun at world leaders, including US President Donald Trump and his Russian counterpart, Vladimir Putin.
1,800 people evacuated in Paris as WW2 bomb deactivated French demining experts are deactivating an unexploded World War Two bomb near Paris’s Gare du Nord station causing major disruption to transport.
Cash van driver who drove off with $3m charged in France The driver of a French cash delivery van who made off with about three million euros ($3.2 million) was charged and remanded in custody on Saturday, prosecutors said.
Thousands mark 14th weekend of France's 'yellow vest' protests Tens of thousands of "yellow vest" protesters marched across France on Saturday, three months since the movement began, and in a week that has seen growing international concern at police treatment of
the protesters.
Yellow vests scream 'dirty Zionist' at French writer French President Emmanuel Macron condemned anti-Semitic abuse of a leading intellectual by "yellow vest" protesters and said it would not be tolerated.
Macron condemns anti-Semitism at ‘Yellow Vest’ protest in Paris French President Emmanuel Macron condemned anti-Semitic abuse of a leading intellectual by "yellow vest" protestors and said it would not be tolerated.
France accuses Syrian suspect of crimes against humanity French authorities have filed preliminary charges of complicity in crimes against humanity against a Syrian man suspected of being involved in a secret police crackdown on opposition activists during the Syrian uprising of 2011.
Macron, Putin assess 'degraded' situation in Syria French President Emmanuel Macron and Russian counterpart Vladimir Putin have discussed priorities for the "greatly deteriorated" situation in Syria, Macron's office said Saturday.
Kurds march in Strasbourg for release of former PKK leader Öcalan Several thousand Kurds took to the streets of Strasbourg on Saturday to demand the release of one of the founders of the outlawed Kurdistan Workers Party (PKK), Abdullah Öcalan, imprisoned in Turkey for the last 20 years.
France to tighten online bullying laws as details of 'LOL League' emerge France said this week that it is toughening its online abuse laws after an outcry over young media executives who ran a macho "boys' club" that hounded female colleagues.
Young ski club members killed in road accident in French Alps Three young members of a French ski racing club were killed on Saturday in a road accident in the Alps that seriously injured two other people.
Three French ski racers killed in Alps car crash A French ski club mourned on Saturday the deaths of three racers killed in a road accident in the Alps that seriously injured two others.
Polls suggest Yellow Vest protests are losing support and momentum As demonstrators take to French city streets again Saturday, marking three months of "yellow vest" protests, there are signs that the effort is beginning to lose momentum. Public opinion polls show a dwindling support for the cause and turnout is lower.
Macron invites Italian president to Paris French President Emmanuel Macron invited his Italian counterpart to Paris, his office said Friday, in a conciliatory gesture as France's ambassador returned to Rome after he was recalled for a week in a diplomatic spat between the neighbours.
‘The climate won’t wait’: French students skip school to protest Under a bright blue sky on an unseasonably warm February day, several hundred high school and university students skipped class to demonstrate in front of the French ministry for the environment in Paris.
Brave New World: clairvoyants predict brave new order The yearly Salon de Parapsy in Paris gathers soothsayers, healers, numerologists, magnetizers, aura photographers and a group of shamans from Siberia. How do these representatives from the spiritual world help people cope with an increasingly unstable society?
Paris trains stopped during 'controlled explosion' of WW2 bomb The French police are set to blow up a World War II bomb in the north of Paris on Sunday leaving the area off limits to residents and cars, as well as disrupting train services to CDG airport and Eurostar services. This is what you need to know.
Act XIV: Will this be the last Saturday of 'yellow vest' protests in France? As we approach the fourteenth consecutive Saturday of yellow vest action in France, we take a look at what’s planned and find out why organisers appear to be thinking of alternatives to counteract dwindling attendance numbers.
'It's anti-democratic': EU making Britain suffer over Brexit, says Marine Le Pen The EU is making Britain suffer as much as possible during its negotiations to leave the bloc to discourage other countries from doing the same, far right French leader Marine Le Pen said on Friday. She believes that strategy is "anti-democratic".
The feeling's mutuelle: What you need to know about top-up health insurance in France France’s public health system may be avant-garde and comprehensive, but it’s rarely completely free of cost for the patient. Here’s what you need to know about mutuelle top-up health cover.
Last call for alcohol: French winemakers prepare for ‘no-deal’ Brexit French champagne house Taittinger has stepped up production this year as it sends more bottles to the United Kingdom in preparation for the likelihood of a “no-deal” Brexit on March 29.
Vatican envoy to France under investigation for sexual assault The Vatican’s envoy to France is being investigated for sexual assault after he was accused of molesting an official at the Paris mayor’s office during a ceremony last month, a judicial source told AFP.
French 'Yellow Vest' boxer gets year-long jail sentence A Paris court gave a year-long firm jail sentence on Wednesday to a former French boxing champion who was filmed raining blows on riot officers during a "yellow vest" protest last month.

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