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Square Foot Self-Storage: Why size matters

When it comes to storing personal belongings, do your research.

Square Foot Self-Storage interior

Square Foot Self-Storage began nine years ago with its first warehouse in Biot, where different sized units, ranging from 2m sq to 45m sq, plus smaller 1 or 2m cubed lockers ideal for short-term storage, were installed. Founder Penny Taylor soon realised there was a need for storage of large items such as tenders, cars, motorbikes, jet-skis and containers, so Square Foot took a second warehouse in Cannes, which can store larger items and has an overhead crane capable of lifting up to 8 tonnes but also has units of various sizes.

Square Foot Self-Storage container for marine items

“There was a gap in the market for varied storage solutions with a back up service,” Penny tells us about why she started the business. “For example, allowing people to send items to their storage units and know that they could be put away safely or if they needed an item forwarded on or even have all their goods shipped to their final destination. It’s difficult to find good packing or protection materials and we offer a large selection and can pack the items for people if required.”

What do people overlook when it comes to storage? “Most people have some difficulty knowing just how much storage they will require, our website can help with the ‘size estimator’. Alternatively, when it’s not a problem to decide, on arrival clients can always change size as needed. Appropriate packing for transportation, especially when shipping, is also important.”

Anyone looking for self-storage can expect a friendly, approachable service from Square Foot – and in English, German and Dutch. Their offices are open all day from 8:30am to 5pm and have a “can do” attitude to accommodate most storage, shipping or transport requirements. Security, always a concern, is paramount and both warehouses have security and smoke alarms, CCTV and each is linked to a 24-hour surveillance company. Units can be accessed seven days a week from 7am to 8pm, by use of an electronic swipe badge.

Square Foot Self-Storage transport vans

It’s worth noting the Square Foot offers more than just self-storage. Other services include shrink-wrapping for boats, acceptance of outside deliveries and relocation to unit, national and international courier service, tender and container transportation and storage, as well as delivery address in the UK and a mailbox plus forwarding service.

For more see www.squarefootselfstorage.com

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