Car accident insurance delaration - constat amiable

Following an accident, it's best to try to agree the details of what happened with the other driver. Sounds unlikely? In fact, the system works quite well.

Practically, it means that both drivers – or maybe several, if it’s an incident involving a number of vehicles – fill out identical forms (each keeping a copy), giving an account of what happened.

Two tips: keep a stock of forms in your car and you save time in the event of an accident by completing the purely informational sections – the form has fourteen altogether – in advance.

So you’re familiar with the layout and content of a constat you can download a French version here.

The form must be read and filled in with care. Once signed, it can’t be changed. It has to be sent to your insurance company within five days.

But what do you do if the other guy isn’t at all amiable, jumps in his car and drives off? You note his licence number – first thing you should have done, by the way – and you call the police. That’s mandatory, remember, if anyone’s injured.