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What can Kenyan Kids get for 10 euros at Christmas?

Life on the Riviera can, as we all know, be a bit expensive, not least at Christmas. Ask anyone what they're likely to spend over Christmas on friends and family and they'll likely raise their eyes and give a groan at the sheer cost of it all. Ask them if there's anything at all worth giving to anyone that costs a mere 10€ and chances are they'll think you've gone mad.


However, two ladies living on the Riviera had an idea in 2011 that has transformed the lives of scores of deprived and vulnerable children all of whom can be helped beyond our imaginations for a mere 10€. They created a charity, registered here in France, and named it Kenyan Kids.

Kenya KidsKenyan Kids is a truly life enhancing story. It focuses on the tiny village of Namatatoa, 425kms NW of Nairobi. It is poor beyond belief by comparison with our lives here in the South of France.

The village has little work. Small children, between 3 and 6 years old, are invariably left alone while their mothers seek work. Many of them are orphaned with no source of drinking water, no education, and food in constant short supply. Public health, such as it can be called that, is non-existent.

And it was to do something long-lasting and sustainable for these unfortunate kids that Linda Trippier and Julie Hellon set about their task. In the amazingly short period of time since March 2011 they have created a small school, which is the key to the future for these children. They have secured a full-time teacher and a cook, so transforming these small lives. From wandering around aimlessly and vulnerable, they are receiving the very tools to build themselves a decent life.

The charity invests every centime it receives into these children. There areno admin costs, these are provided by volunteers.

The village hasn't been totally reliant on outside donations. It seeks to help itself. A small, local church serves as a temporary classroom. The wife of a village elder died and left a parcel of land which she, with great foresight, stated was to be used for educational purposes only. A permanent school is to be built on this land.

Kenya KidsLast year Kenyan Kids then encountered one of those tragedies which are so prevalent in the remote parts of Africa. The school's cook contracted typhoid and came perilously close to dying; this isn't at all unusual and outbreaks frequently occur. Being a waterborne disease it was then critical that a ource of clean water be found. The villagers provided the knowledge of where water could be found but lacked the money and expertise to sink a well and pump the water. Donations from a never-ending series of fund-raising events here on the Riviera raised the capital to sink the well and buy the pump.

The charity's work is never-ending. It is no exaggeration to say that a young generation has been saved from what to us is a life of near despair. A wonderful example of how much these villagers wanted to provide a better life: When it was announced that the school was to open and that there would places for 30 children, over 100 turned-up on opening day.

Kenyan Kids is all about helping others to help themselves. So, what can we all do to help this small village create a life for their very young?
  • 10€ feeds one child for a month.
  • 10€ buys malaria medication for 20 children.
  • 10€ buys a school uniform (this has proven to be a source of great pride for the children)
  • 20€ buys 50 bricks for the new school or a tin sheet for the roof.
  • 20€ will sponsor an orphaned child on a monthly basis
  • 30€ will buy a water purifier (the well's water is cloudy but drinkable).
  • 30€ pays the cook's wage for a month (compare that with a chef's salary here in France).
  • 40€ pays the teacher for a month.
  • 50€ feeds all 30 children for a week (52 very special people can feed them for a year)
Enjoy your Christmas lunch!

If you would care to help Kenyan Kids, please send any amount you can. Full details of how to donate can be found on their website http://www.helpkenyankids.org

Or for more information, contact Julie on 06 34 16 53 52

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