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The Incredible Hauk, a new app for Breaking News

Join Hauk for an exclusive Reddit AMA on Wednesday July 22nd, 2015, at 11am EST to learn about their rapid Startup experience. Follow @Hauknews on Twitter and Facebook.

Startup Weekend is a nonprofit organisation founded in 2007 by Andrew Hyde. More than 2,500 companies have been created worldwide over the last 5 years through this initiative, and global sponsors include Google and Microsoft.

In April 2015, members of the Junior Chamber of Monaco (http://www.jcemonaco.mc) organised a Startup Weekend, bringing strangers together to create a product from scratch over 54 hours in the Principality.

Hauk TeamTEAM HAUK: From L-R: Ameli Gottstein, 26 (German); Julien Ferrère, 21 (French); Brian McCabe, 24 (Irish); Jamie McDonnell, 23 (Irish); Hans Fredrik Vestneshagen, 25 (Norwegian).

Following this phenomenon, the European Innovation Academy in Nice – the World’s Largest Extreme Accelerator Focused on IT Innovations – kicked off on July 6th, bringing together 600 students, who, with the help of 100 mentors, came up with an idea and developed it into a fully-fledged app, service, website or whatever else they wanted to make in just 15 days.

Irishman Jamie McDonnell (pictured above, second from right) and his multinational team came up with the Hauk app, an idea brought to the table by Hans. They only met on the first day of the program and were mentored by Silicon Valley tech entrepreneur, investor and author, Vitaly M. Golomb.

Hauk presents unbiased coverage of breaking news on a map, allowing users to see instantly the biggest stories happening in the world and in their region.

Hauk Students

“I’ve never experienced anything like this,” Jamie told us. “You get more work done here in an hour that you get done in a day at home. Everyone works hard but at the same time enjoy themselves. The location is great as well, we get all this practice and knowledge all while in Nice.”

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