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The business of educational consultants

The Educational Consultant, essential for your childrens' futures.  

Things have changed in the years since I applied for university in Canada some years back. This became apparent to me last fall when my niece in Toronto started her university application process. With tuition fees five times more expensive than just two decades ago, nearing $10,000 a year, high school grads face more pressure to secure fewer places at a higher price … with a much tougher economy waiting for them on the other end. A wrong choice when picking a Major could be an expensive one.

Enter the educational consultant. A professional who meets with students and their parents to discuss potential universities, help them prepare applications, and explain available financial aid. I knew the educational consultant as a high school counsellor, but like everyone else, these people are overworked and under-resourced, and there’s just too much at stake for seniors.

CarfaxIn Monaco, Carfax Educational Consultants’ Academic Director Jeanne Spoeri, with Director Grisel Damgaard.

Educational consultants, or college coaches as they’re sometimes called, have the largest market in the US. According to the Independent Educational Consultants Association, 22% of first-year students at private colleges – as many as 58,000 – had worked with some kind of consultant. Parents look at the service as an investment. A tax attorney in NY paid for about a year’s worth of advice. “We had a very motivated son who wanted to attend a top university,” he says. “We wanted to give him every opportunity we could.”

Filling a need among parents

Educational possibilities are why Carfax opened its doors. From their new office on the port of Monaco, Director Grisel Damgaard, explains: “I’ve gone through the university selection and application process with one of my own kids and know that there is a need among parents who are also experiencing the same thing. Carfax Educational Consultants advise families on the optimal choice of schools and universities for their children, and helps them make the necessary preparation for entry into the most demanding establishments. The main expertise is focused on British or Swiss schools and British or American universities. All of Carfax British educational consultants are graduates of Oxford or Cambridge and most of them have been educated at, taught or run boarding schools in England or Switzerland. Advice on universities in the US is provided by consultants who have their own ex-perience of the American system.”

Grisel is also quick to point out some very key services unique to Carfax in Monaco. “In spring and summer we will be running University Tours of the UK. These tours, which run for a period of roughly seven days, are designed for students who would typically be unable to attend traditional open days for whatever reason. We also organise an Oxford and Cambridge Preparatory Week, this is in addition to providing individual tuition in the centre of Oxford, which is complemented by a varied programme of extra-curricular activities and accommodation arranged with carefully selected Oxford families.”   

One-stop shop for higher learning

Part of the wider Carfax Educational Consultants group (carfax-consultants.com) – which has offices in Japan, the Ukraine, Russia, Italy, the UK and UAE – Carfax Education Monaco provides individually tailored one-to-one tuition at all levels and in all subjects for international schools, in Monaco or at the student’s home, including examination preparation for IGCSE, IB, A-level, SAT, GRE, GMAT, LSAT, TOEFL and others. Tutors are experts in their fields, and language tutors are all native speakers. The Academic Director oversees all lessons, and clients are provided with monthly updates on their academic progress.

It may be a confusing world of higher education, but Carfax Educational Consultants in Monaco is a one-stop shop for education and language learning. In the end it’s about finding the university that’s the right fit for your child, and that’s certainly worth investing in.

by Nancy Heslin 

For more information contact Grisel on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or + 377 98 80 11 80.

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