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Resources for healthy eating and well-being, one plate at a time

In 400 BC, give or take a year, Hippocrates coined the expression “Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food”, and ever since we’ve been aware of the link between proper eating and good health.

Unfortunately, in our modern Western societies, this message has gotten lost in digestion and for that we are paying a heavy price. Processed food, whether in supermarkets or fast-food restaurants, has become the norm while wholesome, home-cooked meals with locally procured and pesticide-free produce are now the exception.

Red Cabbage Salad from Naomi's KitchenFresh and Crunchy Red Cabbage Salad from Naomi’s Kitchen

We previously talked about the growing popularity of organic foods and where to find them in our region. In recognising that a healthy mind and body have a great deal to do with the food we eat, more and more the average consumer is insisting on healthier options while rediscovering a process of cooking that can be enriching, educational and enjoyable.

But without basic knowledge of what foods are out there and how to prepare them in a way that is compatible with you and your personal situation, then what is an otherwise pleasurable experience can turn into an overwhelming ordeal.

Super Green Juice from Wheatgrass and WineSuper Green Juice by Wheatgrass and Wine

We read all the time that maintaining a healthful life is about eating a balanced diet, keeping stress in check, following a moderate exercise plan, getting a good night’s sleep, staying properly hydrated and ensuring reasonable exposure to sunlight.

Yet with the daily pressures from work, family, travel and social life, it’s easy to understand why we so often end up overweight, undernourished, fatigued and unhappy.

Beetroot Hummus from The Clever KitchenThe Clever Kitchen’s Beetroot Hummus

Fortunately, within our own Riviera community there are fantastic resources and individuals making a difference by bringing quality food and nutrition services, along with education, literally to our doorsteps.

Naomi BuffIn Monaco, Naomi Buff, founder of Naomi’s Kitchen (www.naomiskitchen.com), has been leading the nutritional bandwagon since 2011. Naomi is a health coach, superfood chef and kitchen consultant. Naomi (right) works with individuals, provides recipe development to some of Monaco’s top restaurants and holds a monthly cooking workshop focused on teaching moms to cook delicious and more nutritious food for their families. The events are hosted at the Monte Carlo Munchkin Club in the heart of Monaco, near the Rond Point du Portier. As Naomi reminds us, “Be kind to your body it’s the only place you have to live.”

Johanna RossiIf you ever need help getting great tasting, locally grown organic produce, definitely check out the offering from Johanna Rossi at Live a Nourishing Life (www.liveanourishinglife.com). Johanna (right) offers the highest quality produce and prepared meals around Monaco, delivered to your door with a passion that can’t be matched. “We make healthy living easier,” Johanna tells us. “From seed to stove, we track your local organic and seasonal produce, collect it and deliver it to your door. We’ll then show you how to store, prepare and cook it, while providing you with a wealth of information about embracing a whole foods lifestyle.”

The Clever Kitchen (www.theclever.kitchen) run by Susan Tomassini and Melanie Gulliver (below) is also based in Monaco but they have extended their nutritional workshops throughout the 06 department. In addition to delicious recipes, step-by-step instruction and nutritional counselling, they also have a range of “superfoods” – those nutrient-rich foods considered to be especially beneficial for health (although there is no standard for monitoring superfood status) – that can be purchased at the end of their events.

Susan Tomassini and Melanie Gulliver

Heading towards Nice, Frédérique Chataigner, nutritionist and author of Maigrir et être en bonne santé, ça s’apprend (Learn how to lose weight and be healthy), teaches individual and group courses for regaining control of your health through education and changing your eating habits. She’s also a certified hypnotist and a psychological nutritional counsellor. You can find her at www.poidsdubonheur.com.

For experts in juicing, we found Barbara and Nicolas Basalgete, cofounders of BeJuice (www.bejuice.fr), who create a personalised one or two-week juice detox for summer slimming or more specific healing. They run their juicing services out of their vegan café-resto Nice Life International (www.nicelifeinternational.com), near the old port of Nice.

In the Cannes/Valbonne area, Jessica Verity and Christine Kjeldberg (below) have teamed up to offer a full range of nutrition-based workshops, from dietary consulting to detox programs and from juicing and cooking to nutritionally-balanced homemade meals.

Jessica Verity and Christine Kjeldberg

Christine is a certified nutritional therapist and pilates instructor. She can provide individual dietary counselling and group workshops and detox programs.

Jessica, from the Healthy Gourmet (www.wheatgrassandwine.com), is committed to helping people make food that is wholesome and pleasurable. As a young mother she fully understands the challenges of balancing a professional and family life. “Wheatgrass and Wine is about finding balance in the kitchen,” Jessica, a talented chef, explains. “A lot of good and a little naughty make for a healthy body and a happy soul.”

So hats off to these courageous and hardworking neighbours for making it a bit easier to adopt new food habits that can help us lead a more healthful and balanced lifestyle.

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