Brexit Report: The June 23 EU referendum - The issues

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We don’t claim to be neutral on the EU referendum. After looking at the facts, the rumours and the uncertainties, the Riviera Reporter is strongly in the “Bremain” camp. For the UK, and especially for British expats in Europe, the advantages far outweigh the disadvantages.

Here we give links to the complete originals of articles and blog posts by those that contributed to our report: Brexit and what the future may bring for Britain and expats


Register to Vote

Ways of Voting

How British expats can vote in the UK EU referendum

Votes for Expats

British Expats: Say Yes 2 Europe - Remain In the EU

Pensioners Debout

The Electoral Commission,-dont-lose-it-urges-elections-watchdog-on-overseas-registration-day

Geoffrey Clifton-Brown on the 15-year rule

Extend EU referendum voting rights to all UK citizens living abroad.

Ballots please, we’re British

Financial Times - UK expats fight for right to vote in Brexit referendum

UK expats challenge voting block in EU referendum

Steve Peers: What will happen to expats?

Brexit: Life for Brits in France will get more complicated

Brexit puts UK expats’ rights in jeopardy

Facebook: Say Yes 2 Europe

Say Yes 2 Europe

What happens to rights and freedoms

Right of Residence

The Vienna Convention on the Law of Treaties 1969

It's stupid to think expats in France will be better off

BBC - How British expats in Spain feel about the vote



Get the facts

Dr Markus W. Gehring, Lecturer in Law, Cambridge on EU-UK trade relations with third states

The Working Time Directive

How much UK law is imposed by the EU?

BBC Reality Check: The EU referendum

Top 100 EU rules cost how much?

What the Queen really said

It was never just about trade

How are countries in the EU linked?

A better trade deal?

Is the EU is working for Britain?

What has the EU done for us?

How plausible is second EU referendum?

The U.S. opinion

Richard Corbett (Labour MEP) Myth-busting

Making EU law lighter

Leave in Haste, Repent at Leisure

Air Travel

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